Shipboard Instrument Cables - XLPE/ISOS/CWB/SHF1

Shipboard Instrument Cables - XLPE/ISOS/CWB/SHF1



Class 2 stranded copper conductor, XLPE insulated, Overall screen- aluminum/polyester tape over tinned copper drain wire (OSCR), copper wire braiding, polyolefin outer sheathed (LSOH) Voltage: 250V

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The combination of the overall braid, individual and overall pair screening, and tinned copper drain wires of the Marine2Com cables grants optimal protection against electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). The XLPE isolation and variable twist lengths of the pairs provide perfect electrical properties and low capacitance for minimal signal loss.

Product groupCommunication marine cables
Series Shipboard cable
Type Marine2Com YOZ2c 250 V
Standardization IEC 60092-350/-351/-376
Flame retardant IEC 60332-1 / IEC 60332-3-22 Cat. A
Conductor category Class 2 = stranded
Stranding elementPair
Core insulationXLPE
Core identificationNumbers
Construction outer shield Tinned copper braiding
Screen over stranding element Alpet tape
Screen over stranding Foil + braiding
Material outer sheath Flame Retardant Halogen Free Polyolefin Compound
Colour outer sheathGrey
Maximum conductor temperature 90 °C
Operating temperature, flexible -20 / 70 °C
Operating temperature, fixed -40 / 70 °C
Specification See appendix


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